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You should definitely not drink tap water. Even though there are claims that the tap water is okay - at least during the dry season - it is definitely not worth the risk of getting infected with bacteria and other harmful organisms. The same goes for using tap water for boiling it e.g. for pasta or tea. Clean, drinkable water is inexpensive. We strongly suggest that tap water be used solely for washing and bathing purposes. 

Megacitizens are advised to buy drinking water from refilling stations or purchase bottled water from reputable brands. Tap water in the country is not as safe as others deem. 

Water Refilling Stations

According to a recent survey, there are over 20, 000 water refilling stations in the Philippines. While this is a high number, it is advisable to ask about the disinfection method of these water refilling stations or at the very least take a look at the one nearest you.

All water refilling stations must adhere to the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Sanitation Code of the Philippines


Drinking Water Used In Stores And Restaurants

Going to convenience stores to get bottled water is a good idea but if you are going there to buy one of those milkshakes or other smoothies, it is best to ask what kind of water they use. If they show you blue water containers, it means that they use purified water for their products. If they show you a hose that connects right to the tap water source, it is best not to buy any of their drinks at all.

Mid-range restaurants in the Philippines usually serve purified water as their house water. If you happen to go to a carinderia or a local canteen, it is best to just buy canned soda. 

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Water stores are conveniently located in every barangay (village) and offer distilled and mineral water. These shops also deliver the water in 19 litres bottles including a dispenser at the cost of roughly 40 Pesos. You can also buy bottles without dispenser from these stores, if you have a dispenser at home or, buy a water purification system to always have drinkable water at home.

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If you don't need large amounts of water or your local water store is closed already and you don't want to spend the night without water, the best option is to go to the nearest corner shop and buy some water there.

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Tired of buying new gallons of expensive purified water every other day? Lux water purification systems provide you with drinkable water right from the tap.