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As most kitchens are equipped with an oven and stoves running on gas, you will need both: electricity and gas. For electricity, there is no other way than obtaining it from Meralco. Most of the apartments and houses for rent will be registered with Meralco already - therefore the only thing you have to do is to pay the monthly bills. Otherwise you can just call Meralco and register your apartment under your name. For gas, there are several companies out there from which you can buy the big gas bottles to connect to your stoves and oven.

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As there is no other choice than Meralco, a word of advise regarding electricity consumption has to be given: The Manila Bulletin reported in 2011 that the country has the most expensive electricity in the whole of Asia.

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Unlike electricity, there is no city-wide network of access to gas - or more precisely LPG (Liquid Propane Gas). You have to buy LPG tanks which are available from a number of vendors all over the city and in your barangay (village).