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Need electricity and gas? Of course you do! Find out where to get your electricity connection and where to get gas supply here.

Gas and electricity are among the most important things that one would need in a household. But before you start looking for electric and gas supply, there are a few things that you should learn about these two things while you are in Manila or other parts of the country.


Meralco is the largest electric distribution in Metro Manila and the Philippines. Most apartments and houses are already registered with Meralco and the only thing that you need to do is pay for the monthly bill. If your house does not have electricity, it is best to call Meralco and register the metre under your name. If you happen to live outside of Metro Manila, most houses have electricity. In most provinces, cooperatives run electric distribution. Meralco is often not present in these areas.

Electric Bill Rates

The electricity rate in the Philippines is a bit steep. A regular household usually pays 3, 000 pesos up to 5, 000 pesos. If you have all the necessary appliances and they are running on a daily basis, the bill can amount to 7, 000 pesos. The rate per kilowatt hour can go up and go down depending on the supply.

Gas And Language Barrier

When in the Philippines, gas is never referred to as gas but as LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). The word gas is often used by Filipinos when they are looking for petrol. If you need gas, look for a company that sells LPG. These are sold in 11 kilogram tanks or smaller and can be bought from gasoline stations. 

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As there is no other choice than Meralco, a word of advise regarding electricity consumption has to be given: The Manila Bulletin reported in 2011 that the country has the most expensive electricity in the whole of Asia.

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Unlike electricity, there is no city-wide network of access to gas - or more precisely LPG (Liquid Propane Gas). You have to buy LPG tanks which are available from a number of vendors all over the city and in your barangay (village).