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Hundreds of small companies take care of the laundry of Megacitizens in Metro Manila. Most of them also pick up the clothes from residences and deliver them once done. 

If you live in a condominium you will hardly have room for a washing machine and won't have space to hang your wet clothes either. This is not a problem though, as the laundry services in Manila wash, dry and fold your clothes for a reasonable price. Rates start at 25 Pesos per Kilo, with extra charges for clothes that need special treatment such as hand washing.

The price includes pick up and delivery. After pick up, it takes an average of two to three days until you get your clothes back - dry, neatly folded and wrapped in plastic. There is an extra charge for ironing. Most services are available until late evening, around 10 pm. After messaging them, they usually pick up or deliver within half an hour or so.

As with other services such as water delivery, the best way of finding a laundry service is looking for one in or near your condominium or village, and asking guards or neighbors for suggestions. If you're not going to stay long in Manila, most hotels and hostels offer laundry services as well. So there's really no need to bring too many clothes.

One word of advise, though: be careful with more delicate fabrics and with your favorite garments. It is best that you wash these items yourself.
Laundry services usually use very strong detergents that can damage delicate fabrics. Most services aren't held liable when the colors of your garments fade, look worn out, or even torn.  Make sure that the company you choose is careful with special garments. If you aren't sure, ask your neighbors or other customers about their experience. When in doubt, wash your favorite clothes by hand.  Small sachets of laundry detergent can be purchased in every Sari Sari and convenience store.
Many expats place great confidence in the laundry services of high-class hotels such as the Shangri-La when it comes to washing delicate clothes.