Metro Manila · Philippine Airlines no longer on EU blacklist

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Effective July 12, the European Union lifts its airport ban on Philippine Airlines (PAL). In 2010 the EU had blocked all Philippine carriers from flying to its member countries, due to serious safety concerns.

PAL is the nation's first airline to be allowed back into the 28 member states of the European Union, thanks to improvements in the safety situation in the Philippines. The ban remains for all other carriers registered in the Philippines. Along with PAL, the ban on airlines from eight other countries was lifted as well, including Indonesia, Russia and Libya.

According to PAL president Ramon S. Ang, the airline plans to begin direct flights to London, Paris, Rome and Amsterdam by September or October this year, soon to be followed by other popular destinations like Frankfurt and Madrid.

PAL now hopes that the USA follows suit and also removes the airline from its blacklist. Members of the US Federation Aviation Authority are currently in the country for a 10-day visit.