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The Goethe Institute is the German Cultural Centre. It offers language courses, organizes events and runs a library for German books and movies.

While the institute's library is located on the ground floor (you can't miss the large glass room on the right hand side), the institute's  classrooms and offices are located on the 4th and 5th floor of the Adamson Center, 121 Leviste Street. Contact them via (+63) 2 8170978 or

Visiting the Goethe Institute makes sense not only if you want to study the German language but also to get to know the country's culture and arts.

Apart from providing language courses, the institute organizes cultural nights and has a wide selection of books on music, film, architecture, literature etc. from Germany. An annual library card costs 800 pesos for adults, 500 pesos for students. 


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Football is Germany's national sport. Reason enough for the Goethe Institut Manila to organize a cultural night on the subject, the 'Kulturabend: Fußball'.

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Nicholas Day on December 6 is an important pre-Christmas celebration in several European countries. The Goethe Institute invites to a 'Kulturabend: Nikolaustag', with traditional songs, a quiz, sausages, and the hot wine punch 'Glühwein' (mulled wine).