Metro Manila · A night of football and fun at the Goethe Institut

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Football is Germany's national sport. Reason enough for the Goethe Institut Manila to organize a cultural night on the subject, the 'Kulturabend: Fußball'.

It was almost as international as the World Cup: Philippine, German, Iranian and Swiss participants showed their skills in a table football tournament at the Goethe Institut in Salcedo Village. The German language and culture institute created an authentic stadium atmosphere, with floodlights, German football songs, draft beer, sausages, and black-red-gold make-up for the huge audience, many of them students of the language classes.

Before the tournament started the visitors were taught some facts about the importance of football in Germany. Their new knowledge was tested with a football quiz between the table football matches. How many clubs are there in Germany? (Around 26,000) How often did the national team win the World Cup? (Three times) How often was the women's national team the European Champion? (Seven times).

Charlotte, a German-Filipina, won the exciting final match. She explained her success: “I used to play table football all the time when I was a university student.” Afterwards the winner of a Facebook contest for the best football photo was awarded. The night ended with karaoke, more table football, and more beer and sausages.

The Goethe Institute regularly organizes cultural nights to inform about German culture and everyday life. Check their calendar for upcoming events.