Metro Manila · Mothers and Darlings (MADS)

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Mothers and Darlings (MADS) is a great way for both children and parents to meet new friends and ease into life in Manila.

The MADS Constitution, which serves as a guideline to the community's purpose, highlights the aim 'to provide the international community of parents and expectant parents / parents-to-be in the Philippines with information, practical and moral support, and opportunities for social networking with the emphasis being the children and all aspects of raising children. The focus of MADS  shall be children under the age of 6'. With that in mind, this community holds regular playgroups, circulates a regular magazine, and organizes regular events to promote goodwill and unity amongst families.

If you are interested in MADS and want to become a member, there is a range of benefits. Members are offered:

  • playgroups (newborn to the age of 6)
  • other groups (Pregnancy & Newborns, Working Mums, MADS Dads etc.)
  • children’s parties
  • an exclusive members magazine
  • access to online discussion groups
  • 'lending libraries' for maternity clothes and kid-size tables and chairs for parties 

Click here if you would like to join MADS. For more information about MADS, visit their website.