Metro Manila · Art Fair Philippines 2015 (February 5-8)

Art Fair Vernissage (11) "/var/ezdemo_site/storage/images/media/manila/images-manila/unnamed-and-untagged/art-fair-vernissage-11/1923110-1-eng-GB/Art-Fair-Vernissage-11_zoom_image.jpg" 2000 1015 Art Fair Vernissage (11) joined the vernissage of Art Fair Philippines 2015, when artists and art lovers flocked to the Link Carpark in Makati City Wednesday night. For the next couple of days, two parking levels have been transformed into one of the biggest and most exciting exhibitions of contemporary paintings, sculptures, and installations in the Philippines.

Art Fair Philippines 2015

Art Fair Philippines started in 2013 and is growing quickly, with almost 50 percent more exhibition area (4,400 sqm) than in 2014, and 33 participating galleries, seven of them from outside the Philippines.

For the second year, auction house Christie's is running Christie's Art Forum, a daily lecture series on current issues in the Philippine and global art world.

When & Where

Art Fair Philippines 2015

February 5-8, 2015, 10 to 9 pm daily.

Level 6 & 7, The Link Carpark

Parkway Drive corner Makati Avenue (beside Landmark), Makati City



PhP 150.00
PhP 50.00 for students with valid IDs
Free entrance for students from Makati City schools