Metro Manila · Spring Film Festival 2015 (February 13-22)

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It is almost the Chinese New Year and to celebrate it, Ateneo de Manila’s Filipino-Chinese organization Celadon will be holding the 9th
Spring Film Festival from February 13 to 22, 2015 at Edsa Shangri-La Mall. The festival features six award-winning Chinese films. Entrance is free and all films have English subtitles.

Films Featured At The Festival

The Legend Of Kung Fu Rabbit

Running Time: 90 mins.
This animated film is about a dying Sifu who flees from the Imperial City. Upon reaching a small village, he meets Tu, a farmhouse cook who at the request of the dying man must return to the city to deliver a Kung Fu Academy Tablet. Tu must meet the Sifu’s daughter Moli to hand her the tablet. Never having been to the Imperial City, Tu begins an adventurous journey.

Screening Schedules:
Feb. 13 (Fri) – 2:30pm
Feb. 14 (Sat) – 12:30pm
Feb. 16 (Mon) – 3:30pm
Feb. 17 (Tue) – 6:00pm
Feb. 18 (Wed) – 8:00pm
Feb. 21 (Sat) – 3:30pm

The Grandmaster

Running Time: 125 mins.
The Grandmaster is an action film about Ip Man and Gong Er, a woman seeking revenge for her father’s death. Spectacular martial arts stunts are to be expected in this film. Ip Man is a legend and was Bruce Lee’s master.

Screening Schedules:
Feb. 14 (Sat) – 5:30pm
Feb. 15 (Sun) – 1:00pm
Feb. 16 (Mon) – 8:00pm
Feb. 18 (Wed) – 3:00pm
Feb. 19 (Thu) – 3:30pm
Feb. 20 (Fri) – 8:00pm
Feb. 22 (Sun) – 3:30pm

Love Deposit

This romantic film is about He Muyang, a man who opens a café he calls Bank of Love. The café is a place where couples record their messages to each other without the other viewing the material until after the videos are stored for a year. Yu Xiaoyu, one of He Muyang’s customers, asks him to let her retrieve a video recorded by her boyfriend.

Screening Schedules:
Feb. 13 (Fri) – 4:30pm
Feb. 15 (Sun) – 8:00pm
Feb. 17 (Tue) – 3:30pm
Feb. 18 (Wed) – 1:00pm
Feb. 20 (Fri) – 5:30pm
Feb. 21 (Sat) – 1:00pm

Beijing Blues

Running Time: 118 mins.
This drama film depicts the life of a detective in Beijing and the scams he comes across with in the Chinese city. After catching a thief
who stole money from a car, the detective becomes suspicious of the owner of the vehicle. The detective later uncovers a scam involving children and car accidents.

Screening Schedules:
Feb. 14 (Sat) – 3:00pm
Feb. 15 (Sun) – 5:30pm
Feb. 16 (Mon) – 1:00pm
Feb. 18 (Wed) – 5:30pm
Feb. 19 (Thu) – 1:00pm
Feb. 21 (Sat) – 5:30pm

Sunlight At Fingertips

Running Time: 89 mins.
A family drama, Sunlight At Fingertips is about Shi XiaoHe and Shi XiaoYu whose parents work in the city of Shenzen while the two are
left in the countryside with their grandpa. In attempt to reunite their family, the siblings join a Ferry Boat contest.

Screening Schedules:
Feb. 13 (Fri) – 12:30pm
Feb. 15 (Sun) – 3:30pm
Feb. 17 (Tue) – 8:00pm
Feb. 19 (Thu) – 6:00pm
Feb. 20 (Fri) – 3:30pm
Feb. 21 (Sat) – 8:00pm
Feb. 22 (Sun) – 6:00pm

Caught In The Web

Running Time: 121 mins.
A film about cyberbullying, this comedy drama starts in a bus ride where a young woman refuses to give up her seat to a senior citizen. With her actions caught on tape and broadcasted on TV, people start debating about the issue online. It later escalates as netizens start attacking her online.

Screening Schedules:
Feb. 14 (Sat) – 8:00pm
Feb. 16 (Mon) – 5:30pm
Feb. 17 (Tue) – 1:00pm
Feb. 19 (Thu) – 8:00pm
Feb. 20 (Fri) – 1:00pm
Feb. 22 (Sun) – 1:00pm

When and Where

Spring Film Festival 2015

February 13 to 22, 2015

Shang Cineplex, Level 6/7, Edsa Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Edsa corner Shaw Boulevard, Hotspot Edsa-Ortigas.


The organization organizes further events to welcome the Chinese New Year. This includes a Chinese Painting Exhibit from February 12th to 20th and a couple of cultural workshops on February 19, 2015. The Chinese New Year falls on February 19th, 2015. It is the year of the ram, or sheep.