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Jeepneys are a uniquely Filipino means of public transportation. They are the most inexpensive mode of transport in Metro Manila as well as in the provinces. Individually designed with colorful images and patterns, the jeepney has become an icon of Pinoy culture.

Jeepneys are solid but simple vehicles, without much comfort . The typical jeepney has open windows and doors, but in Metro Manila, e.g. along Buendia, there are also a few airconditioned jeepneys that rather resemble mini buses. In an effort to become greener, a handful of electric-powered jeepneys have been introduced in the business districts.

Jeepneys can accomodate 14 to 24 people depending on the size of the vehicle. Passengers are seated - often squeezed - on two long benches that are facing each other.

Jeepneys operate along fixed routes, the destination and major stops are displayed on a cardboard in the front windows and/or painted on the sides of the vehicle. When in doubt, just ask the driver if he is passing by a certain area.

How to Ride a Jeepney

You can hop on and off jeepneys almost everywhere, thanks to the open door at the back of the vehicle. Once you get in, you have to pay by handing the money to the next person on your bench until it reaches the driver. While doing so, say 'bayad po', meaning roughly: I would like to pay. If you are handed money by someone on the jeepney just hand it to the next person in the direction of the driver (for payment) or the other direction (if it is change). You can also just sit there and do nothing, which might be prudent for the first time to take a jeepney and observe. At jeepney terminals, mostly located beside shopping malls, there is often a person collecting the money while the jeepney fills up with people before leaving. The minimum fee is currently 7 pesos in Metro Manila, long trips may cost more.

If you want to get off, just say 'para po' (stop, please) or knock with your knuckles against the roof or on the metal bar above your head (less polite but okay to do so). Then, mind your head and get off.

Jeepney Terminal in Landmark