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As a means of public transportation, tricycles are almost as common in the Philippines as Jeepneys. Tricycle rides are bumpy, loud and smelly but they are often the fastest and most convenient way to get around.

This three-wheeled vehicle is available in most if not all barangays (villages/neighborhoods) in the Philippines. In every town you find long lines of them at special tricycle sheds, waiting for passengers. The trikes usually sport certain colours to indicate which areas they travel to. Prohibited to traverse major roads in Metro Manila, they are useful for folks who are only planning to go to any place within the vicinity.

Tricycles are also the main means of transportation for short distances in the province. If you are taking the bus to natural parks or resorts, you will often have to rely on tricycles for the last stretch of your journey.

A tricycle can accommodate four people, including the driver. However, Filipino families usually manage to tuck in as many children as necessary.

Prices are fixed but you should inquire about the fees beforehand to avoid overcharging. An average route of 5 to 10 minutes will cost you 20 to 25 pesos in Metro Manila.

Riding Tricycle During Rainy Season

During Rainy season in the Philippines, it might be difficult to stay dry if you are going out, especially if you want to commute. Umbrella is handy at these times.