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Thinking of getting health insurance in the Philippines? PhilHealth is your best bet but there are other choices. Here, take a look!

There is a public Philippine Health Insurance called 'PhilHealth' (Philippine Health Insurance Corporation), a government-owned and controlled corporation. If you are working for a Philippine-based company you might have an insurance from PhilHealth coming with it because it is mandated by law for all Philippine companies to have this for their employees. It is however strongly advised to get an insurance from your home country because these types of insurance usually cover a wider variety of treatments and higher sums of hospital bills.

While PhilHealth is a good basic insurance, you should check the details and take appropriate action to add another health insurance.
PhilHealth directly covers treatments, a foreign insurance will only reimburse your treatment costs. This means that you have to pay for your treatment in cash and then reimburse it with your insurance directly.