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Deemed the home of the best pediatrics department in the country, Philippine General Hospital (PGH) boasts training, service, and research facilities to uphold its mission and the mission of the University of the Philippines’ College of Medicine.

General Information

With the hospital being the referral centre for the most serious of medical cases, the medical students here are used to a busy environment and are routinely exposed to the rarest and often complicated diseases. This makes the Philippine General Hospital a premiere training ground for future doctors. The is a government hospital under the UP system.
Aside from conventional medical practice, the hospital also has a Traditional and Integrative Medicine (TRADMED) clinic that focuses on alternative and complementary medicine. 

Location And How To Get There

The Philippine General Hospital is located near the Roxas Boulevard Hotspot in Manila, between Taft Avenue, A. Mabini and Padre Faura. It is recommended to go there by cab but during rush hour it might take you a while, especially coming from the Makati business district.

Tel.: (63) 2 554 8400


Guide For Megacitizens

Watch Out

If you have a choice of where to go to, always choose St. Luke's and Makati Medical over the Philippine General Hospital. While PGH has the best doctors, they are often inundated with patients. If you want faster service, it is best to go to a less crowded facility.

Services Offered (among others):

  • rehabilitation medicine
  • otorhinolarynology
  • obstetrics
  • gynecology
  • neurosciences
  • family and community medicine
  • emergency medicine
  • orthopedics
  • hospital dentistry