Metro Manila · Draft Gastropub (Rockwell Branch)

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With several Belgian and German beers on tap, Draft Gastropub is by far the favorite bar of many beer lovers in Metro Manila.

General Information

A winding stairway leads to Draft's spacious outdoor terrace on the second Level of Power Plant Mall. The indoor area is dominated by a long stretched bar and two huge floor-to-ceiling mirrors behind it. Draft Gastropub provides exquisite beer consumption in a classy setting and with food that goes well with it: „We don't serve rice, but a lot of potato dishes,“ says one of the waiters. Best-sellers and highlights in the menu are steaks, burgers, fish or seafood with fries, the mussel pot, beer battered chicken tenders and – last but not least – the crispy fried Mars bar. Draft Gastropub also serves breakfast fare all day and even has a kid's menu.

Draft Gastropub has a few additions in its menu and with the pub's intention on making sure their menu is always exciting, Draft Gastropub says, they will add a variety of new dishes every quarter.

According to its patrons, the watering hole is not just a place for great beers but also a nice spot for food lovers. Dishes at Draft Gastropub are created by Chef Carlo Miguel. 


Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Draft offers a varying range of Belgian and other European beers on tap and in the bottle, and there are plans to still extend the selection. The one liter mug of the Bavarian wheat beer „Paulaner Salvator“ gives you that Oktoberfest feeling for only a few hundred Pesos.

Special Services

Delivery within Rockwell (or Metro Manila-wide via Draft's other branch in the Fort, call 2121 212).

Express Lunch Menu with Choice of starters, main course and dessert for 582 Pesos.

Location & How To Get There

Power Plant Mall, R2-151B (2nd Floor)

Rockwell Center, Makati City

Tel: (63) 9155 936 328

Website: Facebook