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Although surrounded by girlie bars that are quite popular in the area, Woodman’s Head maintains a decent bar atmosphere where one can enjoy authentic British cuisine and a couple of drinks.

General Information

Local beers and ale are available at Woodman’s Head but if you would like some cider or something stronger, you can always ask for your poison of choice from the barmaids. Many patrons of Woodman’s Head are people who have been dining there for years and those who drop by for a night cap after spending some time in one of the bars near the place.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Going to Woodman’s Head is more like being transported to a pub somewhere in Britain. The Brits and other Westerners feel right at home at Woodman’s Head because the place has made it known that it is an American and European pub. There’s normally no music playing and the usual background noise is the chatter of patrons. On some nights however, live bands play acoustic music.

Location & How To Get There

The restaurant is located on Padre Burgos Street near the girlie bars in the area, in the lower end of P. Burgos away from Jupiter Street.

5045 Padre Burgos Streeet, Makati City


Tel.: (63) 2 897 8069