Metro Manila · Bonifacio Day (November 30)

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This public holiday celebrates the birthday of Andrés Bonifacio on November 30, 1863. As a young man, Bonifacio became the military leader of the Philippine revolution against the Spanish colonizers, making him one of the national heroes of the Philippines.

In 1892, Bonifacio co-founded the Katipunan, a secret and militant organization to fight for the country's independence. Some historians even consider him the first Philippine president. For more information about Bonifacio's life, see our main article on his persona.

Bonifacio Day is held every year on November 30 as a nationwide regular holiday, with schools and most offices being closed. In 2015, this means an additional long weekend! Filipinos usually take the occasion for trips to their home provinces, shopping sprees in the malls, and quality time with family and friends. (See also: Local life during holidays)

Unlike other Philippine heroes, Bonifacio is commemorated on his birthday, not on the date of his death. Presumably, this is because he was not executed by foreign oppressors but by a rivaling Katipunan faction under the leadership of Emilio Aguinaldo.

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