Metro Manila · Graduation Month & End of the School Year (March 27)

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March is "Graduation Month" in the Philippines, with students of all levels celebrating their progress in the educational system. The school year 2014/15 ends on March 27, marking the end of classes for public elementary and secondary students and the beginning of the long Philippine summer vacations.

Big and small celebrations are held in all colleges, high schools, elementary schools, and even in kindergartens during the month of March and sometimes early April. Students together with their parents gather in assembly halls or school yards to receive diplomas, certificates, and medals for their achievements. Even the youngest wear the traditional togas and square hats known in other countries only from academic graduations.

Every other dining place – from the chicken rotisserie to the luxury hotel – offers graduation promos, especially for buffets. Many more places such as museums, department stores and book shops also provide discounts for graduates. For a 2015 overview, click here.

Schools stay closed until June, so students won’t have to spend the hot Philippine summer months in classrooms without air conditioning. Traffic in the Megacity eases slightly during this time. Malacañang Palace will announce the schedule for the new academic year some weeks before the end of summer holidays. The academic year for private schools often varies.