Metro Manila · Whale Shark Capital (Donsol)

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Between December and May each year you will be seeing the world's highest concentration of whale sharks in Donsol. Find out more so you could schedule your next holiday to this part of the islands.

Donsol is a tourist destination located in Bicol. Back in 1998, Donsol was a small, sleepy fishing village until the whale sharks arrived in the area. Interested in seeing these majestic creatures? It may be time to book a holiday to Donsol soon. Take a look at our quick guide.
If you decide to go to Donsol, you should make your way to the Donsol Visitors Center upon your arrival. You will find all the information you need to see the whale sharks. This includes permits and getting a guide, among other things.  

Other remarkable sites to see are the Grotto, a pilgrimage site of the 'Blessed Mother Mary'; the Catundolan, a natural beauty of rocks, and coral formations. There are also parts of Donsol where you can watch Fireflies.

The best way to get to Donsol from Manila is by taking a plane to Legazpi City (Albay), which will take an hour. From there you can hop on a public van or rent a private van  to get to Donsol. They depart from the Legaspi Bus Terminal near the Pacific Mall in Legazpi. You can also pre-arrange a tour from Manila via a local travel agency.