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The Philippine Social Security System (SSS) is a public service which provides, among others, retirement and health benefits for workers and employees in the private sector.

Contributing to the SSS is mandatory not only for Filipino workers under 60 but also for expatriates who work and live in the Philippines, "regardless of citizenship, nature and duration of employment, and the manner by which the compensation is paid". This usually does not include foreign employees of international organizations or foreign government agencies such as embassies. It is also possible to obtain an explicit exemption from SSS coverage. Household helpers such as drivers, gardeners, cooks, or governesses have to be covered by the SSS as well if they earn more than 1,000 pesos a month.

Apart from retirement and health benefits, the SSS provides maternity, disability and death benefits, survivors pensions, and it offers salary and calamity loans. The latter is meant for people affected by flooding, earthquakes, or other natural disasters. However, the social security coverage is not the most comprehensive and expats should inform themselves thoroughly about possible additional insurances and pension plans, whether provided by their home countries or by private companies.

The SSS contribution rate is 11 percent of the monthly salary, considerably lower than the international average. Furthermore, the total maximum contribution will be not more than 1,760 pesos for all salaries over 15,750 pesos. The employer will contribute 7.37% while the employee share will be at 3.63% of the total monthly dues. Self-employed persons have to contribute the entire 11 percent.


Republic of the Philippines Social Security System

SSS Building East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

Tel (SSS Call Center): (63) 2 920 6446 to 55


The Social Security System's website recently went through a number of improvements. It is easier to navigate and all necessary documents are now located at the bottom of the homepage. If you are looking for contribution rates, click this link.