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Do you need to send your grandparents a postcard from Manila? Do you have to send an important document abroad? Find out more about logistics solutions in the Megacity.

There are times when electronic communication is just not enough whether for personal or for business reasons. When a contract needs to be sent to Hong Kong or the grandparents in France expect a postcard from their loved ones abroad, you would need a reliable service that would deliver your documents or parcels to their intended destination safely and securely. While the regular post services are capable of delivering a postcard to your grandparents or to any of your loved ones, you should stick with the international companies when sending important documents.

International Parcels

UPS, FedEx and DHL are all available in the Megacity. These companies are perfectly capable of delivering whatever you would like to send to any place in the world. The charges that come with it might be steep sometimes but rest assured that whatever you send, it will arrive at its destination within or before the deadline.
If you are sending parcels that contain certain products, you should ask the logistics company what documents you need to provide for customs clearance at the destination. 

National Parcels

There are also some local options for parcel delivery if you plan to ship a package to any part of the country. They also offer insurance and can deliver your parcel within a couple of days to the destination outside the Megacity. This includes companies the likes of LBC and 2GO. These two companies have a number of branches in the Megacity and a few more in different parts of the Philippines.

Letters and Postcards

For letters and postcards within the Philippines or abroad, sending it with the regular mail service PhilPost is a viable option. According to our experience, you can expect delivery times of about 3-4 weeks for postcards that get sent from Metro Manila to another Megacity in Europe. 
It is also possible to send parcels and packages through PhilPost but the waiting period can be too long for goods with expiration dates. If you do decide to send a package through the Philippine Post Office, make sure that the items are packed in such a manner that movement will not affect them.  

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Most major international couriers offer their services in the Philippines. While the services of international carriers are not commonly used for domestic transport of mails and parcels, they are the carriers of choice for many international companies and organizations as well as for Megacitizens sending goods and postcards to their loved ones.

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PhilPost is the government-owned national postal service. You can find the nearest office via the company's homepage. Just walk into the establishment and tell the person at the counter where you would like to send whatever you are holding in your hand. PhilPost is good for the delivery of national mail or international mail and postcards. However, for important documents as well as parcels, you might want to look for an alternative among the global players.

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LBC is one of the two viable options for sending parcels from the Megacity to other parts of the country. Just go to any LBC branch and hand over your parcel. You can also insure your parcel there.

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2GO is the other domestic option for sending parcels and more from the Megacity to other parts of the county. They also offer larger cargos such as parts or full container loads. If you want to send large amounts of materials, 2GO might be your choice in the Philippines.