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Do you need to go to the salon? One of the upsides of living in a Megacity is that it offers you a wide range of options for those who need a haircut, a manicure, and everything in between. 

Beauty Parlor

Salon de Manila

You'll find state-of-the-art hairdressing at one of the many Salon de Manila branches all over the Megacity. Whether you need a simple haircut, want get hair extensions, need to waxing or need to get your nails done, Salon de Manila will take care of all of these. Salon de Manila is a one-stop-shop for your salon needs. For more information, visit the website.


Azta Urban Salon combines hairdressing with beauty treatments. Their special ombre hair coloring might be of interest among other offerings from Azta Stylists. Just visit one of their branches and discuss all your beauty concerns! For more information, visit the Facebook page.


Tony & Jackey

One of the go-to places for a new haircut, makeover or repairing hair treatments is without any doubt Tony & Jackey's. They have several branches all over the Megacity, e.g. in Makati and Alabang. Treatments and prices range from a simple haircut for 300 (male) or 500 Pesos (female) up to extensive coloring and/ or hair repair for 3000 and up. You will surely find the hair treatment that you are looking for, whether you are a man or woman. For more information, visit the website. One must note that the website for Tony & Jackey is no longer working but Bang's by Tony & Jackey is still active.

Bench Fix

Bench, a Philippine company that has its own clothing brand, also has a hair salon called Bench Fix. For more information, visit the website.

Nails & Waxing

California Nails

Like most of the beauty parlors and spas in Manila, California Nails offers more than manicures and pedicures. When it comes to your nails, California Nails has a range of services. This includes a spa mani and pedi to applying beautiful nail art on your nails. For more information, visit the website.

Lay Bare

Lay Bare waxing salons can be found all over the Megacity. This cozy little salon offers all kinds of waxing services including Brazilian wax for both men and women.  Lay Bare is very popular in the Megacity and even without offering other spa services, it is worth a visit. For more information, visit the website.

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