Metro Manila · Elections 2013

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The 2013 elections were the second ever held automated elections in the country. In the weeks leading to the elections more than 65 people became victims of election-related violence.

As compared to other elections, these elections went okay. The weeks leading to the elections were not only showing political rivalries escalated in the deaths of many people but also rotating brown-outs. The reasons for that depend on how you ask. Up to elections were half the Senate, the House of Representatives and local elected such as mayors. One noteworthy fact is that several representatives of 'political dynasties' lost their desired position to other politicians.

Find here a short statement from someone who participated in the elections: 'A week before the election, we received letters from COMELEC [the Commission on Elections] with information of the precinct  where we are supposed to vote. Even without that, I already searched my name from their online precinct finder. I already know which candidates I was going vote for so on the afternoon of the election, I went to my precinct. There are areas for security assistance and help desk outside. There are also groups still campaigning for their candidates handing out flyers at the gate. Some are smart to give away cardboard fans as campaign materials. You need to get a stub number first, and then fall in line until you get your turn to vote. Compared to the last election, it was faster this time. Aside from brownouts and a few malfunctioning PCOS machine [election machine] for a short period of time, the election in our area went smoothly as it can be.'

Elections 2013