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GLOBE, one of the biggest telecom companies in the Philippines, offers prepaid as well as post-paid services. You can subscribe to GLOBE's prepaid services by having enough load on your phone. You can also text specific messages to a service number and it will automatically activate certain services such as unlimited texting, unlimited calls, and Internet access for 24 hours. GLOBE offers also a huge variety of plans and combinations for post-paid customers as well and this also includes a family plan. 

Globe Telecom offers a range of plans for your needs. The telecommunications company also offers Platinum Services. If you are planning to get a post-paid plan, you can choose from a number of cellphone units or models. 

Subscription Length: Two Years (post-Paid)

If you do not want to subscribe to a post-paid plan, you can get a prepaid sim by going to the nearest mall or store. Once you buy a sim, you can immediately start using your new number - there are no other registrations required. 

How to Sign Up: At every GLOBE store (post-Paid) and at every stall and corner store (prepaid)


Customer care: (63) 2 730 1000
Sales: (63) 2 730 1010
Prepaid services:
Post-Paid services: