Metro Manila · Holidays in 2015

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Malacañang Palace has announced the regular and special non-working holidays this 2015. Note that the Philippines have so-called long weekends. This happens when a holiday falls on a weekend and the President deems Friday or Monday a holiday.

This 2015, expect 10 regular holidays and seven special non-working holidays. The Philippines considers the Islamic holidays Eid’l Fitr and Eidul Adha as public holidays. Malacañang announces the exact dates depending on the Islamic calendar.

Observe that when a holiday falls on a weekend, the President declares the Friday or Monday as a non-working day thus resulting to a long weekend. There are already nine confirmed long weekends (if you include New Year's 2016), and there might be more to come! Note also that workers earn double their pay for that day when they work on a regular holiday. Those who work on special non-working days get 130 percent of their salary for those days.

For the National Capital Region, January 15, 16 and 19 have been declared special Non-Working Holidays due to the Papal visit. This will not only allow more people to see Pope Francis, but hopefully also ease Manila's horrific traffic a bit during his stay.

Date   Holiday  Type
January 1 (Thursday) New Year  Regular Holiday
January 2 (Friday) Additional Special Non-Working Day Special Non-working Holiday
January 15, 16, 19 (Thursday, Friday, Monday) Special Non-Working Days in the National Capital Region in view of the Papal visit Special Non-Working Days (NCR only!)
February 19 (Thursday) Chinese New Year Special Non-working Holiday 
February 25 (Wednesday) People Power Revolution  Special Holiday for all Schools
April 2  (Thursday) Maundy Thursday  Regular Holiday 
April 3  (Friday) Good Friday  Regular Holiday 
April 4 (Saturday) Black Saturday  Special Non-Working Holiday
April 9 (Thursday) Araw ng Kagitingan  Regular Holiday
May 1 (Friday) Labor Day  Regular Holiday
June 12 (Friday) Independence Day  Regular Holiday
August 21 (Friday) Ninoy Aquino Day  Special Non-Working Holiday
August 31 (Monday) National Heroes' Day Regular Holiday
November 1 (Sunday) All Saints Day  Special Non-Working Holiday 
November 17-20 (Tuesday-Friday) APEC Philippines 2015 Special Non-Working Holiday
November 30 (Monday)   Bonifacio Day Regular Holiday
December 24 (Thursday) Christmas Eve Special Non-Working Holiday
December 25 (Friday) Christmas Day Regular Holiday
December 30 (Wednesday) Rizal Day Regular Holiday
December 31 (Thursday) New Year’s Eve Special Non-Working Holiday