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Bel-Air is regularly voted the cleanest and greenest barangay (neighborhood) in Makati City. The subdivision is known for its good community life, with numerous cultural events and festivities throughout the year. The Bel-Air Village Community Center houses a post office, a clinic, a gym, and several function rooms.

General Information

Only a few steps away from the vibrant streets of the financial district, Bel-Air village is located between Jupiter Street, Kalayaan Street, EDSA, and Rockwell. (The village is part of the bigger Barangay Bel-Air, which also includes Salcedo Village.)

The gated community was developed in the 1950s. Guards, walls and trees shield you from the rest of the city while the broad streets, and the various free time activities invite you to rest your feet from busy days in the office. The downside from being that close to the heart of the city is that some construction noise might pour over and with it it brings the air polution that is inherent to the streets of Manila.
More Information

Address: 40 Solar Street Barangay Bel-Air 3, Makati 1209

Tel.:  (632) 897 1856