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13 kinds of bread, around 14 different cream cheese flavors: at LES Bagels you could order a bagel every single morning and would not run out of new combinations for more than half a year. The little place in McKinley Hill's Tuscany offers freshly baked bagels topped with freshly prepared spreads and a wide range of fancy ingredients.

General Information

The selection of cream cheeses includes creations with herbs, cheddar cheese, sundried tomato, fruits such as strawberry or apple cinnemon, and luxurious delicacies like caviar and truffle. The cream cheeses are also available in containers of different sizes.

Real bagel enthusiast should try the Specialty Sandwiches, with delectable ingredients such as prosciutto, turkey breast, and marinated artichokes. The Bestseller is the signature bagel LES Addiction, featuring scallion cream cheese, sliced lox (salmon), capers, pickled onions and fresh tomato on pumpernickel bread.

The high quality at LES Bagels has its price, with cream cheese bagel creations and specialty sandwiches ranging from 140 to 680 pesos. But for that you get a healthy, filling, and delicious snack.

For the whole menu, click here and here.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

To start the day with a proper breakfast! LES Bagels opens at six in the morning seven days a week, which makes it the perfect place for your daily breakfast, whether you have your bagel delivered, get it for take out, or enjoy it in the cozy seating area. Of course, classical breakfast bagels with bacon and egg or butter and jam are also part of Les Bagels' menu. The beverage list includes all of today's standard coffees, from double espresso to café latte.

Special Services

Delivery within BGC and Makati CBD. Order in advance to make sure your favorite flavors are available.


Location & How To Get There

Tuscany Residences, Upper McKinley Rd, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig

Tel: (63) 2 804 0423