Metro Manila · Mother's Day (May 10)

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The second Sunday in May marks the day of the year where we should our appreciation for our mother even more than usual: Mother's Day. This is the day when the children and the husband take care of their mother / wife and pamper her the whole day - because she deserves it.

The Morning

A traditional Philippine starts around lunch time, after preparations for the day are being fixed in the morning. It is a good idea to already buy some nice flowers for the mother the day before in one of the malls and let her wake up to freshly brewed coffee and nice smelling flowers. A perfect start for a perfect day.


The first station of a traditional Mother's Day celebration should be an early lunch. The Museum Café offers a great early lunch (brunch) in the relaxing Greenbelt atmosphere. If you prefer some more exotic food such as Belgian waffles, you can't go wrong with the Chelsea Market & Café in the Fort. If you prefer some fine glasses of red wine and Spanish food, Barcino will definitely be your first choice! If all of this is not appealing to you and you would rather prefer a cozy and laid-back lunch time with a shisha after, make sure to be at Kasbah.


There is nothing which says more deeply 'I Love You, Mum!' than a beauty day. Therefore, treat your Mum to a day of massages and spa treatments that she will never forget!


To slowly fade out the day, invite her for a fancy dinner in one of Manila's rooftop restaurants. This will make your Mum feel like the special person she is in your life!


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