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Perhaps the best thing about Offshore Bar & Grill is its sub-zero cold beer but this isn’t the only thing that the Kamagong restaurant has to offer.

General Information

Whether you’re up for some drinking or singing or feasting on grilled food, this bar in Makati is a great place to be, especially if you do not like hanging out in poorly ventilated places or crowded ones. Smoking is allowed at the bar and grill and you do not have to worry about your cigarette smoke being stuck inside the building because the place is akin to a large gazebo.

Offshore is also known for its friendly and efficient service and has been a go-to place for yuppies who work in the business district to cap a long day’s work. Like other Filipino pubs, rice meals are available at Offshore.

Special Services

Catering and functions offered.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Megacitizens who would like to experience the local nightlife should visit this place to get a feel of the drinking and partying atmosphere in Makati. Offshore is not exactly one of those fancy bars but it is decent enough for a bottle of beer or two.

Location & How To Get There

9745 Kamagong St., San Antonio Village, Makati City

Tel.: (63) 2 216 6568

Website: Facebook