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Sky Garden is a laid back bar and restaurant, located on the grasscovered rooftop of a three-story building right at the bay. 

General Information

When stepping up the creaking wooden stairs to the Sky Garden, visitors will get the feeling of leaving the concrete jungle of Manila behind and having a relaxed barbeque in some provincial restaurant, as the city’s skyline and the neighboring buildings are mostly hidden by plants.

The restaurant serves many grilled, fried or sizzling Filipino dishes as well as Korean food. As with many establishments in the area, seafood is the house specialty.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Sky Garden is a good place to take a break from the sensory overload of the megacity. Still about to discover the Philippine cuisine? The menu has photos of every single dish, giving you an idea of what to expect, that way making it easier to choose.

Special Services

Takes reservations for bigger groups of tourists.

Location & How to Get There

3rd Floor, Admin. & Finance Building

Fernando Ma. Guerrero corner J. Felipe Street

(to the left of the Sun Cruises Dock)

Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City

Tel: (63) 2 832 6369