Metro Manila · Indicators for a Megacity

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Megacities are geographically distributed all over the world - but united in their common appearance and the things they stand for. No matter which Megacity you enter, there are certain things that you will be able to spot in all of them. Sometimes Megacities across the globe are closer connected than a Megacity and another city in the same country are.

There are 21 Megacities to date. Many of these cities deal with problems the most serious of which include homelessness and the proliferation of slum areas. Other challenges include high crime rate, urban sprawl and gentrification.

Because of population growth, the growing number of private vehicles and the construction of factories especially in newly industrialized Megacities, it is not surprising that most of these places are polluted. In fact, many Megacities have significant problems involving smog. Although most Megacities are polluted and suffer from heavy traffic, some of these places still have relatively clean air. Megacities located in Europe for example have fresher air compared to those in Asia.

On the positive end, Megacities contribute to the development of respective regions thanks to trade in these areas. Megacities also offer a lot of jobs making them a likely destination for job seekers. These cities are hubs for business and trade. For those people living in the Megacities, the Megacitizen, Megacities offer a lot more feature than just easy access to the job market. Megacities are the country's front-runners in all areas: food, entertainment, leisure, education, transportation, communication, health and so much more! Especially young people tend to migrate to the Megacities and Global Cities of the world in order to enjoy their fast-paced high-end character.

Even though there are a lot of differences between different Megacities, there are also a number of similarities. You will always be able to find the same basic equipment for your work, no matter which Megacity it is you are currently in. If it is an adapter for your MacBook, a charger for your Blackberry phone or a certain office software you need. During lunch time you will be able to enjoy the local delicacies or go for something you know already because it has also been served in your Megacity back home: McDonalds, Burger King or Pizza Hut. During the coffee break, you might go to Starbucks and the only difference is the language in which the signs are written in your store around the corner. You can get exactly the same flavoured coffee specialties as in any other Starbucks store around the world. You will also notice that a large number of companies you see had also offices in the other Megacity you were living in years ago. Maybe you revive some old networks and find out if some if your buddies also moved here: same job, same company, different Megacity? Oh and yes, they all do have a rush hour. So no matter if you work in New York, Manila or London, your work experience might be very similar – for all other things you have us!