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The island nation of Taiwan - also known as the Republic of China - is the Philippines' nearest neighbor in the north. Its capital Taipei offers guests fascinating temples and museums, delicious food at the nightmarkets, and an uplifting visit of Taipei 101, one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Leaving Manila


Citizens of Australia, New Zealand, USA, Kanada, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, and most European countries can enter Taiwan without a visa. All they need is their passport and an outbound flight. Filipino citizens have to apply for a visitor visa at the Taiwanese consulate. They are eligible for the visa exemption program if they have a valid visa or permanent resident certificate issued by USA, Canada, Japan, UK, Schengen Convention countries, Australia, or New Zealand.

Airlines and Airport

Regular direct flights from Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in Manila to Taipeh Taiwan Taoyuan (TPE) airport are operated by Philippine Airlines (Terminal 2), Cebu Pacific (T3) and the Taiwanese carriers China Airlines and Eva Airlines (both T1). The flight takes a good two hours. Prices start at around 7,000 pesos (160 USD, 115 EUR), with cheaper promos available.

Arriving at Taipeh Taiwan Taoyuan Airport

Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines both arrive at Terminal 1 of TPE, Eva and China Airlines at Terminal 2. TPE is located 40 kilometers from Taipei. There is a smaller airport within city limits, Taipei Songshan Airport, but it has no direct flights to and from Manila.


There are ATMs located inside the airport. 10 New Taiwan Dollars (NT$) are roughly 15 Philippine Pesos (0.33 USD, 0.25 EUR; June 2014).

City Transfer

A trip to the city takes about 40 to 60 minutes, depending on means of transport and traffic situation.

Buses go to the city center several times per hour. Between midnight and 5 am, however, only a handful of buses still leave the airport. Fare is 90 to 150 NT$ (3 to 5 USD, 1.20 to 3.70 EUR). You need the exact amount if you want to pay inside the bus and not at a ticket booth, as the drivers do not give change. There are 24-hour convenient stores where you can break a bill. Here is an overview of the bus operators:

Taxis are metered but drivers might ask for a fixed price, especially at night. The taxi trip to the city center is 1000 NT$ (33 USD, 25 EUR) or more. 

A shuttle bus connects the airport to the High Speed Rail. More info here:

Getting around in Taipei

The modern Taipei Metro (MRT) has a very good network and brings you almost anywhere for 20 to 40 NT$ (0.65 to 1.30 USD, 0.50 to 1 EUR). It operates until 12 midnight. Buses and cabs are also affordable.

A healthy and eco-friendly alternative is You Bike, a bicycle rental service with stations all over Manila. You just register, pay with you credit card, grab a bike, and leave it at the nearest station afterwards. Rates are 10 NT$/30 minutes within the first four hours.

Leaving Taipei

Buses to the aiport operate until around midnight and leave for example from the Taipei Bus Station, adjacent to the Taipei Railway Station / Main Station. Taxis ride all day and night and most hotels and hostels will arrange for a cab upon request.