Metro Manila · Globetrotting – Moving from Manila (PH) to Berlin (GER)

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'Every town in the city has its own character with its unique bars, restaurants and feel. So, it does not really differ from the cities and Hotspots in Manila'

Berlin is no Megacity. With its roughly 3,5 million citizen, Berlin is small compared to Manila. Still, the city of Berlin is of utmost importance in national and international terms. It is the capital of Germany which is one of the driving forces behind the European Union, in the top5 of the largest economies of the world and has an increasingly famous nightlife (at least that's what my Paris tour guide said). Thus, Berlin is a Global City rather than a Megacity and I would like to share some of my experiences of leaving a Megacity and moving to a Global City.

The first thing I notices, and I am fairly sure not to be the only one, is the working public transport system. Even though Germans use to make fun of the delays and incidents which take place in their capital, it is a huge plus. Sometimes finding the right station and train to take might be tricky but you should be able to reach every spot in Berlin within reasonable 60 minutes. Taxis in exchange are very pricey. So your life in Berlin is surely going to include a lot of walking – from and to the public transport stations.

The way of life in Berlin does not feel that much different from the way of life in Manila. Sure, people are more rude and the life in general is happening on a faster pace but it is still more laid back than one would imagine from a German city. After all, Germans are more known for being on time and efficiency than they are for being hospitable and relaxed. Maybe it is due to the many Megacitizens who live in Berlin who make the city appear cozier than one would imagine.

Every town in the city of Berlin has its own character with its unique bars, restaurants and feel. So, it does not really differ from the cities and Hotspots in Manila. Though I only explored three so far, I can say that I like it very much. Depending on how you feel and what you like to do, you can just chose the Hotspot which offers what you are looking for. Due to said public transport system,it is also not a problem to hop between the Hotspots.

Berlin, as compared to Manila, has four seasons (March-May, June-August, September-November and December – February). As Berlin is located on the East border of Germany, winters can be quite rough (down to -20 degrees Celsius) while the summer is beautiful, allowing tours on the river Spree or strolls in one of the many parks – featuring German beer of course.

As conclusion, I would say, that the feel of living in those cities is quite similar. While things simply work more efficiently in Berlin, the trade-off is the little bit too fast-paced way of life as well as the high costs of living. Still, living in Berlin feels nice and while I am surely missing my favourite Manila Hotspot, I am sure that I will find another one here!