Metro Manila · Taguig and Makati battle for Fort Bonifacio

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One of the prime properties of Metro Manila is about to change the city it belongs to. A court declared that the glitzy commercial and entertainment district Fort Bonifacio Global City (BGC) is rightfully a part of Makati and not of Taguig City.

On Monday, August 5, the Court of Appeals (CA) made a decision in a territorial dispute that already began 20 years ago, when BGC was placed under jurisdiction of Taguig. The case of Fort Bonifacio became more important over time as the 729-hectare area has been developed into a highly urbanized district within less than two decades. Once part of the main Philippine Army camp, BGC is now arguably the poshest HotSpot in the Megacity, home to high-end shopping and entertainment complexes (SM Aura, Market Market,...), international schools and embassies, luxury condominiums, and thousands of jobs in the BPO industry and other businesses.

Consequently, Makati lost billions in revenues over the years which should now be reclaimed from the city of Taguig, according to Makati City mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr. However, Binay later also suggested a revenue sharing scheme with Taguig.

The impending reduction in revenues and land area might actually affect Taguig's status as a city and force it to revert back to municipality. Taguig is now preparing to contest the ruling of the CA at the Supreme Court.