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The Divisoria Market and the 168 Shopping Mall are located in the center of Manila City’s Chinatown. Shopping here is hard work and means bargaining, bargaining, bargaining - definitely not the kind of shopping for the faint-hearted. 

The mall and its surrounding streets are well-known for their Chinese merchandise. If you have enough time and have a good eye for a great deal, you will find shopping here worthwhile and might even be able to score the perfect bargain. Your aim should be to only pay 50 percent of the original price but often, you will likely get a much lower price for certain items. The whole area resembles a big flea market (some of it under a roof) rather than the usual mall or shopping center one can find in the metro.

Hundreds of small stalls packed with cheap clothes including many fake brands from other parts of Asia are available in this place. Other items being sold include leather ware, handbags, accessories, plastic toys, electronics, household goods, and almost everything else you can think of. The streets of Divisoria are also lined with vendors with their carts full of fruits and vegetables selling their goods for the lowest prices in Metro Manila.

While you are in Divisoria, do not miss the chance to try some authentic Chinese food from street vendors or one of the nearby restaurants. Divisoria is now a food destination for many Megacitizens aside from it being a destination for great bargains.

One has to note that there are some things that Megacitizens should not buy in Divisoria. According to Rappler, an online Philippine magazine, buying food items, toys for teething children, perfume, cosmetics, appliances, and electronics is not advisable. The rule of thumb is to not purchase items that one will ingest or put on your skin.

While it is still a good idea to buy gadgets and appliances in this part of town, many of these items are not approved by Philippine authorities and are likely fake. If you know what you are buying however, there is no reason to stop yourself from making a purchase but keep in mind that you will likely not get a warranty for the item bought. Even if this is so, Divisoria is still a great destination for bargains especially if you are planning to buy clothes, blankets, curtains, and the like.

Location & How To Get There

168 Shopping Malls

Sta. Elena Street, Binondo, Manila


Tel: (63) 2 7 168 168

For  directions and options to commute, click here

The Divisoria Market has no clear boundaries. It is located in the streets surrounding 168 Shopping Mall, up to Recto Avenue in the north.

Guide for Megacitizens


Aisles and streets are narrow, packed, and crowded, so better avoid Divisoria if you have claustrophobic tendencies. It is most notorious during the weeks before Christmas, when half of Metro Manila’s population seems to flock into Chinatown to buy presents.

Start your shopping trip preferably early in the morning, and bring an umbrella and water during the hot months.

There is perhaps no place in Metro Manila where you should be more aware of pickpockets. Carry your backpack or bag in front of you and bring as few valuables as possible.

Mall Hours and Market Hours

168 Mall is open Monday to Sunday, 7:30 am to 7:30 pm. Vendors in the streets of Divisoria start selling approximately at 5.30 in the morning.


Basement parking is available in 168 Shopping Mall and other malls in the area.


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The Divisoria Market and the 168 Shopping Mall are located in the heart of Manila Chinatown. Shopping here is a lot of work and hardcore bargaining.