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With the newly constructed Fashion Hall, SM Megamall is now among the biggest malls in the country.  Megamall is a welcome place for respite for many of Ortigas Center’s office workers. It offers a wealth of choices when it comes to hangout places and restaurants (including a very good foodcourt) as well as numerous stores that sell anything from groceries to books.

About the Mall

'SM Megamall opened in 1991 with 6 levels of pure entertainment, shopping and dining choices. The two main buildings, Mega A and Mega B, equally house major SM retail affiliates such as Our Home and Toy Kingdom in the former, and the SM Supermarket and the SM Department Store at the latter' (from their Website).

Among Megacitizens, SM Megamall is well-known for its 'Cyber Zone'. The Cyber Zone being an area where you can buy any gadget, phone, computer, television which is available in the Philippines. It gives you a lot of options and – if you are good in haggling – you'd get your gadget at a very good price as well. It's worth to take your time, compare and 'discuss' the price of the gadget of choice.

In the second half of 2014, the H&M flagship store opened its doors in the Megamall Fashion Hall. The latest expansion of the mall, Fashion Hall has a basement parking area and another five levels built for a comprehensive shopping and dining experience. From clothing stores the likes of H&M, there are home stores, restaurants, a Bingo area, and an IMAX theater. This area of Megamall also houses a bowling alley. 

Megamall also offers free WiFi within its halls. Just approach a help desk for further information.

Location And How To Get There

SM Megamall is located in the heart of the EDSA-Ortigas Hotspot. The mall is easily reachable through EDSA. As EDSA is a nightmare during most of the times of the day, you can also take the C-5 (E. Rodriguez Ave) and then turn into Canley Road and follow Shaw Boulevard. Megamall is also located near the MRT-3 Ortigas Station. If you are prepared to take the public transport in the city, the easiest way is to hop on the MRT and get off at this station, then walk some minutes.

EDSA corner J. Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City

Tel: (63) 2 633 5042


Guide for Megacitizens

Store List

Take a look at the mall's store locator here. 

Taxi Line and Parking

There have been major constructions going on for the last year but Megamall still offers enough parking space to go there by private car. You'll find the taxi line at Dona Julio Vargas Avenue, passing through the two SM Megamall Buildings A and B.

Movies and Entertainment

SM Megamall has a cinema with 12 theatres, so no problem spotting your favourite movie. For the movie schedule, see here: SM Cinema.

Mall Hours

Sunday to Thursday: 10 am – 9 pm

Friday to Saturday: 10 am – 10 pm

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Toy Con 2013 at SM Megamall

Cosplayer in Toy Con 2013 at SM Megamall

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