Metro Manila · Japanese (pop)culture in Shangri-La Plaza Mall

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Some members of the Megacitizens Team are big fans of Japanese pop culture. Therefore July is our favorite month in 2013, as it has been declared Philippines-Japan Friendship Month and is filled with awesome events. Many main activities take place under the title Tomodachi (friendship) in the Shangri-La Plaza Mall.

A First Person Account from the Team

We started the day with a movie. Ten different movies are shown on rotation at Shang Cineplex during the Japanese Film Festival Eiga Sei, for free and three times a day. It was not easy to decide what to watch - an animated movie (the Japanese can do no wrong on anime), an action film like the ninja story Kamui, or perhaps a modern drama? In the end we dared to watch the horror thriller Confessions, the only R-16 rated movie, and we were not disappointed.

But afterwards we admittedly needed something to calm us down a little. And what could be more calming than toys and origami, the Japanese paper folding art? The exhibition 'Endless Discovery', at the East-Atrium of Shangri-La Plaza, features Japanese origami artistry made by Filipinas. It displays little paper cranes, kimonos, and even 'stuffed toys' made of folded special paper instead of soft cotton.

'Destination Imagination' is a 3-day Japanese toy exhibit at the Grand Atrium (Level 2, Main Wing) in Shangri-La Plaza. The visitors are greeted by gigantic and colorful robot models from different anime series, the famous Japanese cartoons. Kids, nerds, and collectors dig through boxes and boxes filled with the capsule toys Gachapon, bags and pouches for girls, toy robots, and many other discounted items.

We ended the day with some beautiful live music. The Angono Chamber Orchestra, composed of talented Filipino children, played Japanese anime soundtracks and other soothing tunes.

Impressions from Philippines-Japan Friendship Month

Japanese Toy Exhibit at Shangri-La Plaza

Origami Exhibit at Shangri-La Plaza