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Many patrons say that this is the original Turkish disco. It is of course not a discotheque, as one would see that Argos is an alfresco Mediterranean dining place that overlooks the busy P. Burgos street in Manila.

General Information

Named after a Greek city, Argos caters to many expats who frequent this nightlife hotspot. Unlike other restaurants and bars in the area where the usual motif is darkness mingled with smoke and a bit of lighting, Argos’ blue and white décor is quite easy on the eyes. The tables are also quite nice, because they have a Greek and Mediterranean touch. The handmade ceramic napkin holders would also make one feel like one is in Istanbul.

Argos also serves hummus and it is probably the best in town and one of the most affordable too! Their Sarma Cabbage Dolma on the other hand is more like a cultural offshoot of lasagna with a twist. If a Philippine diner eats it, he or she would say that it is a cabbage roll version of the Philippine spring roll Lumpia mixed with yogurt and tomato sauce. Their large Pita Wrap is quite expensive, though, but if you love Pita then you’ll love this dish.

The locals usually opt for Shawarma with Rice since rice is a staple food. Their Shawarma with Rice, although a bit expensive if you’re just looking at it on the menu, is quite generous in terms of servings. It is served with beautifully seasoned beef complete with onions, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and lettuce. Instead of the usual Philippine rice however, the Shawarma with Rice at Argos is served with Turkish Rice. But it doesn’t stop there, the plate also comes with a tomato salad, hummus and couscous.

Special Services

The usually very busy place has shishas for rent.

Outdoor seating.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Megacitizens craving for authentic Turkish cuisine should go to Argos in P. Burgos. Their yogurt is unadulterated and their dishes are not served with mayonnaise unlike in other Turkish-themed restaurants.

Location & How To Get There

Prime Citadel Inn, Burgos Street, Poblacion, Makati

Tel.: (63) 2 869 3416

Website: Facebook