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Handlebar is the venue for bikers and rockers in Makati. If you do not possess a motorcycle and leather vest, there are still enough reasons to check it out, as it offers live music, sports TV, and perhaps the longest happy hour in Metro Manila.

General Information

With a pitched roof, oil drums as tables, and a heavy bikes parking out front, this place on Polaris Street looks just like an authentic rocker bar along the legendary Route 66. Handlebar is owned by the Mad Dog Motorcycle Club, an association of Philippine and foreign bikers from Australia, North America, and other places. However, other biker clubs and non-bikers are always welcome. Handlebar is frequented by expats from all over the world. If you go there wearing a tie, though, expect it to be ritually cut and hung up above the bar.

The best sellers on the Western-style menu are just what you would expect - juicy steaks and Jack Daniel's Whiskey. You can also quench your thirst with Magners and Strongbow Cider and a good collection of imported beers, including Guinness from Ireland, Heineken from the Netherlands, Corona from Mexico, and Monteith's from New Zealand.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Live bands play on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights, mainly Rock and Blues, sometimes also Reggae - a nice change from the usual Top 40 and easy rock you hear in other establishments. Sports events are shown throughout the whole week. European and North American matches are shown even in the middle of the night and in the early mornings. Pacquiao's fights are projected on the big screen. 

Special Services

Happy Hour from Sunday morning to Tuesday midnight.

Live music - click here for the schedule.

Sports bar - click here for the schedule.

Two billiard tables.

Free Wi-Fi.

Outdoor seating.

Location & How To Get There

31 Polaris Street, Bel-Air Village, Jupiter-Burgos-Kalayaan HotSpot, Makati City.

Tel: (63) 2 898 2189



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