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Expats from France love this place, and they have every reason to do so. At Le Café Curieux you'll find everything you would expect from French savoir vivre: delicious food, great drinks, art, music, a cozy bar and a beautiful garden café.

General Information

Le Café Curieux offers authentic French cuisine at unbeatable prices. Try for example L'emince au Bleu (Strips of Tender Beef with Blue Cheese Sauce, 365 Pesos) or the resto's bestseller Les gambas flambeés au Pastis (King Prawns Flamed in Pastis, 255 Pesos). Combine it with one of the six fancy salads (300 Pesos each) and finish your dinner with a traditional dessert, such as mousse au chocolat or crème caramel. The restaurant also has a weekly changing 'Dish of the Day' and a 'Catch of the Day'.

At the bar you find a nice selection of international liquors and a 'French corner' with ricard, pastis, absinthe, and other drinks. But the highlight are the house rums: ten huge jars lined up behind the bar, filled with brown rum and either whole bananas, coconuts, oranges, coffee beans, bits of pineapple, or other ingrediences – a must try.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

To combine culture and French culinary art in a laid-back setting. The garden café is especially beautiful in the evening.

Special Services

Happy Hour every Monday and Tuesday from 7 to 9pm. Special offers on draught beer, pastis and wine.

Handcrafted Cigars.

DJs or live bands play every Sunday from 7pm onwards, sometimes with international artists.

Changing art exhibitions, with paintings on the wall.

Location And How To Get There

Polaris Street corner Badajos Street, Makati City

Tel: (63) 0905 482 6371


Further Information

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The café near Burgos Street is the perfect place in Manila to celebrate the National Day of France, not only for French citoyens.