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“Lutong Macau” in the vernacular means anything that is preconceived. Historians say that the phrase probably comes from the experience of locals with the Chinese from Macau when dining in their restaurants, where the cook usually prepares all ingredients way before the meal is ordered.

General Information

While this may be true in some cases, Lutong Macau – the restaurant - offers tasty crystal prawns, lomi with seafood, suahe and hakaw. Their Pata Tim is also quite good albeit can look rather unhealthy. Because of its popularity Lutong Macau is always full, so be sure not to arrive late when planning to have lunch or dinner in the Jupiter restaurant.

Another branch is located in SM Megamall.

Special Services

Lutong Macau is open until very late at night to the early AM. They also deliver.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Delicious and reasonably priced, Lutong Macau offers authentic Chinese cuisine in a casual environment for a budget of 150 to 300 Pesos. The service is friendly and the crew works fast.

Location & How To Get There

116 Jupiter Street, Bel Air Village, Makati City


Tel.: (63) 2 896 7777