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Mey Lin Pot & Noodle House is a chain of Chinese restaurants that serve perhaps the best chicken mushroom noodle soup in town.

General Information

There are other dishes available at the Jupiter establishment, of course, but this is one of their bestsellers. The restaurant is more like a Chinese fast food place sans the long queues. There are lots of people who go to this place, though, especially those who are craving for real good noodles.

If you are fond of noodles, Mey Lin Pot & Noodle House is the best place to go to. It only uses hand pulled noodles for its noodle dishes, making the noodles as fresh as its other ingredients.

Special Services

Delivery and catering available.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Th hand pulled noodles are what makes the Jupiter establishment special. The manager says, Mey Lin Pot & Noodle House only uses the freshest ingredients available to ensure the quality of the food they serve.

Location & How To Get There

G/F Jupiter Place Bldg. 136-138 Jupiter Street
Bel-Air, Makati City

Tel.: (63) 2 899 6688 or - 8999