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Pipino promises creative and 100% plant-based versions of Filipino dishes, coming in generous servings. And since recently they offer a food kit that ensures you get your daily dose of vegetarian meals delivered to your door during the week.

General Information

Pipino provides a delicious selection of Philippine dishes, noodles, burgers, and soups of the day, everything very reasonably priced. The fruits and vegetables are locally grown.

There are two branches, one in Jupiter Street and another near UP Diliman, one of the vegetarian strongholds in the country. The restaurants' beautiful interior comes in a light, clear and natural design, with red brickwalls and white or bright wooden furniture.

Why Megacitizens Should Pay This Establishment A Visit

Vegetarians and vegans will love to finally be in a restaurant in Manila where they have plenty of choices.

Special Services

For delivery, call 2121212.

Pipino delivers a 'Veggie Kickstart Kit' that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack & dessert, and juice or a smoothie. It is 1,200 pesos per day, and 5,700 pesos for the 5-day plan. For inquiries, call (63) 906 329 3986 (Ms. Del).

Location And How To Get There

Makati Branch:

38 Jupiter Street corner Planet street
Makati City
Tel: (63) 2 550 1647

QC Branch:

39 Malingap Street,
Teachers Village, Quezon City
Tel: (63) 2 4411 773