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The House of Representatives, together with the Senate, forms the legislative branch of the government in the Philippines. It is also referred to as the 'Lower House'. Members of Congress are elected by either legislative districts or nationwide through party lists supporting marginalized groups.

General Information

When the country was still ruled by Spain, Filipinos were not given any type of representation in the Spanish Cortes. During the 1899 constitution the Philippines had a taste of ruling itself for the first time. This was short lived, though, because the Filipino revolutionaries lost in the Philippine-American War. It was only in the mid-1940s when the country got its first congress. This democratic key element was in place until Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law in 1972.

It was in 1986 when Corazon Aquino's administration restored the presidential system of government and the bicameral congress. The House of Representatives is composed of 250 congressmen representing geographical districts and marginalized groups.

The walls in front of the plenary session room feature a mixture of mirrors and large paintings telling the history of the House of the Representatives. There is also a hall with drawings of all past Speakers of the House.

Location And How To Get There

Constitution Hills, Quezon City, Philippines 1126
Tel: (63) 2 931 5001


The 15th Philippine Congress is housed along Constitution Hills in Quezon City. The easiest way to go there is by cab. If you need to get a taxi out from there, just approach a guard and ask him or her to call one. They will radio it in and also note down the license plate for security reasons.

Guide For Megacitizens


If you would like to enter the House of Representatives, you need to bring a valid ID with picture. You will have to leave it with the guard at the main entrance. After stating your purpose, the guard will check with the person you would like to talk to. You will then be given a visitor's ID and a slip of paper which you have to return signed by the person you are visiting, in exchange for your ID.

Coffee and Snacks

Inside the House of Representatives you will find a number of coffee shops and snack bars, where you can satisfy your cravings while roaming around.


You can use the library and the archives for free – if your are doing studies or looking for bills et cetera. The Philippine Congress has a large selection of books that the public can utilize. 


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