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The Supreme Court is the highest judicial authority in the country, paralleling the President (executive) and the Congress (legislative). It houses the 14 Associate Justices and the Chief Justice who watch over the acts of the president and the legislation in the country.

General Information

It was June 11, 1901 when the Supreme Court was established based on Act 136 of the Second Philippine Commission. Prior to this date, however, institutions with judicial powers were already in place, such as the Royal Audencia, established in 1583 under the Spanish King. It was only in 1935 when the Supreme Court was finally Filipinised. 
For a list of justices and recent decisions made by the Supreme Court, it is a good idea to visit their website.  

Location And How To Get There

Padre Fauna, Manila

The Supreme Court is located near the Roxas Boulevard Hotspot cornered by Taft and United Nations Avenue and Padre Fauna. The best way to reach the Supreme Court is by car or taxi. You can also reach it taking the train LRT-1 and getting off at United Nations Avenue Station.

Tel: (63) 2 522 5090



Guide For Megacitizens


If you would like to visit the home of the national jurisprudence, you can do so. You have to bring a valid ID with picture and leave it at the main entrance with the guards where you have to sign in, sign out, and give a purpose of your visit.


E-Library of the Supreme Court.