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The park in the middle of the busy streets of Salcedo Village appears to be the green lung of the business district. At any given time, you will be able to spot Megacitizens roaming around this place, especially on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

General Information

Salcedo Park is a green spot in the heart of the Salcedo Village Hotspot. It invites those passing by for a quick walk or for a rest on the bench. It also features a playground for children.

As the park is framed by high rise buildings, office and residential areas alike, a lot of people are drawn to this little oasis everyday. It is ideal to go there for a quick walk after lunch, with a coffee to go from one of the convenience stores or coffee shops that surround the park area.

Together with the Makati Sport Club, Salcedo Park forms the recreational centre of this Hotspot.

The Salcedo Market

Every Saturday, the Salcedo Market invites Megacitizens to buy domestic and international goods, taste international cuisine, and meet up with friends and colleagues. From early morning until early afternoon, Salcedo Park is converted into a market, offering food and trinkets from all over the Philippines and from abroad.

You can buy your lunch from one of the many booths and eat it on the tables in the center, enjoying the laissez faire environment together with friends and other visitors. Some of the finest restaurants of the city set up stalls there every week.

Salcedo Market always gets great reviews from those who visit the place especially those who are hankering for European meat products, polish biscuits, and the like. This is not to say that they are always there though because the list of merchants often change which gives one more reasons to visit the place as much as one can.

The merchants are diverse making it very likely for Megacitizens to find unique items. It is more than just trinkets and food though, as one patron says, going there is "a great cultural experience."

Since the market opens early, it is the best place to grab breakfast especially after a nice jog at the park. You can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood here too.

The merchants who join the market's list of vendors are usually curated making the experience a lot better for customers because there are few similar options.

Location And How To Get There

Salcedo Park is located in the middle of Salcedo Village, Makati City. See our Hotspot map for further details.

The Salcedo Market is open every Saturday from 7 am to 2 pm.

Salcedo Market