Metro Manila · Brasilipinas - Carnival with Capoeira and Caipirinha (March 21)

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The Brasilipinas Festival is an annual fiesta of the Brazilian community in Metro Manila. The mix of Latin music, dance workshops and tropical drinks in the Rockwell Tent beside Makati's Powerplant Mall does not only attract the Brasileiros, but also hundreds of other expats and Filipinos.

Brasilipinas 2014 will be celebrated in the Rockwell Tent Powerplant Mall on March 21, 9 pm onwards. Entrance fee is 250 pesos. For more information, visit


Brasilipinas 2013 took place from February 6 to 10, roughly the same time as the famous Brazilian Carnival. The big Carnaval Party on Friday night was definitely a proper substitute for homesick Brazilians. The evening started with a traditional 'Desfile', a parade with drums, followed by great Samba, Bossa Nova and other Brazilian live music. The party crowd enjoyed traditional food, Portuguese Superbock Beer and strong, fresh Caipirinha. The nightlong dancing and cheering, the spontaneous choreographies and the Samba dancers in traditional skimpy and colorful dresses – all that left Brasileiros and non-Brasileiros alike with an impression of the vibrant atmosphere of Carnival in Rio.

During the four days, visitors could also learn Capoeira, Samba, Afro and Folkloric Dance in a series of workshops. Saturday was all about the „Batizado“, a „baptism“ for kids and adults. This is nothing religious, but an initiation of beginners and a moving-up ceremony for the more advanced Capoeira students.

Brazilians are among the ten largest groups of foreign residents in the Philippines. More than 10,000 of them live here, mostly in Metro Manila, where many of them work as models or in the BPO industries. A Capoeira school started Brasilipinas four years ago and is the main organizer. The Brazilian Embassy is a partner of the event as well and makes sure that the Brazilian citizens get to know about the festivity.