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Electronic communication is a very important aspect of every-day life, even more so in a Megacity where friends and colleagues might live in different cities. Here is everything you need to know about communication in the Megacity, from landlines and cell phones to tablets and online shopping.

The preferred method of communication in the Philippines is via the use of cellular or mobile phones. There is quite good network in terms of covered area - so that you might even have reception on a lonely island, half an hour away from the shore. In terms of quality, using land lines as well as mobile phone services will sometimes force you to repeat calls as the networks are not that steady. In case of mobile phones, especially smart phones, the comparably poor quality of networks drains the batteries even faster. The internet connection works quite good for national and regional access. Accessing American and European websites and hosts is sometimes painfully slow.

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There is an abundance of free Wi-Fi spots in Metro Manila especially in the business, shopping and entertainment districts. Take a look at this article here so you know where to find them. We also added tips on online safety while using public Internet access. 

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Internet access if easy to find in the Megacity and they come in different forms. You've got your 24/7 Internet shops and open Wi-Fi in local coffee shops and some fast food chains and you also have options to get your personal Internet plan at home. We've gathered information about Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the Megacity to guide you on which plan you should get. 

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There are several providers for prepaid and post-paid mobile phone plans available in the Megacity and it only makes sense to take some time to compare plans and options. But if you want to get SIM cards from all the providers, you can do so as well because it is not uncommon for Megacitizens to have two or three SIM cards from different telecoms. SUN-Smart-Globe is a likely combination. 

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Using a landline connection for communication is not as common as it might be in other Megacities. Due to the widespread use and cheap rates of mobile phone services as well as the struggles of actually getting a landline connection in the past, most people rely solely on mobile phone services for their private communication.

For corporate communication however, having a landline connection is common. The pricing for corporate communication and private landlines are different. For the corporate ones, you should always contact the respective offices to get the best option for your company.

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Actually, there is not much competition in the television service provider sector. SkyCable and Global Destiny both belong to the same umbrella company. They offer you different plans for television and serve you with more than 85 different channels - all you need!

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Manila is a gadget-hungry Megacity. Megacitizens are always hunting for the latest smartphones and the hottest trends in gadgetry. Unfortunately, it is a myth that premium gadgets are much cheaper in Manila than in the United States or Europe. Truth is: they are slightly cheaper but you won't get the latest models as soon as they are available in the US.

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If you find shopping in Manila's malls too stressful or if you are looking for special deals and promos, the Internet offers quite some opportunities.

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Looking for a new computer customized for your usage, for the newest tablet or just for a longer LAN cable? Below we present you a selection of reliable and not too expensive computer stores where you get all the accessories and gadgets you wish for.