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The three largest newspapers are all published in English language with occasional remarks in Filipino (which are translated most of the time). You can buy newspapers from cornershops (Sari-sari stores) and convenience stores such as 7-Eleven and MiniStop, as well as from several chain stores such as Dunkin' Donut.

Philippine Daily Inquirer

The Philippine Daily Inquirer (Inquirer) is the most popular newspaper in the Philippines. In addition to its newspaper service, it offers timely updates on current issues via its website and its adjacent Twitter and RSS feeds. Inquirer features national and international politics and events, sports, technology news, business, as well as the topics entertainment & lifestyle. Inquirer is member of the Asia News Network.

Manila Bulletin

Manila Bulletin (MB) praises itself as 'The Nation's Leading Newspaper' and is the second biggest newspaper of the country and in the Megacity. MB is known for their not-too-critical, non-sensational and almost positive way of reporting news. It has been founded in 1900 and is therefore the second oldest newspaper in the country. Apart from the newspaper, Manila Bulletin publishes on its website as well as on its Twitter account and RSS feed. MB features national and international news, sports, entertainment, business and lifestyle.

Philippine Star

The Philippine Star completes the top 3 of English language Philippine newspapers. The Philippine Star has been established during the People Power Revolution in the Philippines. The newspaper is published in the Philippines as well as in  Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia where many Oversea Filipino Workers (OFWs) live and work. You can also check updates on their website, their Twitter account and through their RSS feeds.