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If you want to experience pure nature but don't want to miss out on the comfort of nice hotels and resorts, El Nido is a great place to go to.

El Nido is situated in the northernmost part of the island of Palawan. It offers a variety of activities such as swimming in lagoons, canoeing between paradisical rocky islands, and relaxing on secluded white beaches. El Nido has a very rich eco system with a high diversity, meaning you can see a lot of plants and animals there that you will not encounter anywhere else that easily. Go mountain climbing, rent a motorcycle or order a private island hopping tour to discover the hidden gems of this place.

There are several ways to get to El Nido. The town has a small airport which is frequented by Island Transvoyager from Manila - this is the most expensive but also most convenient way to get there. Another way is to fly to Coron (which is also a beautiful place to visit) and then take a ferry to El Nido. If you don't like taking a boat you can also fly to Puerto Princessa and then take a bus or hire a van to bring you to El Nido. This will take roughly 6 hours.