Metro Manila · Gil Puyat Avenue (formerly Buendia)

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Gil Puyat Avenue is an arterial road that goes from EDSA through Makati and Pasay City to Roxas Boulevard. While the western stretch is a typical business district street, the eastern stretch awaits you with the chaotic flair that is characteristic for Metro Manila.

Name and history

Senator Gil Puyat Avenue is still mostly referred to as "Buendia", its former name. The road's namesake Gil J. Puyat was a long-serving Philippine Senator from the early 1950s to the early '70s.

Along the road

Gil Puyat Avenue connects with many other main roads such as EDSA, Ayala Avenue, SLEx/Metro Manila Skyway, Taft Avenue, and Roxas Boulevard. It has an extension into Forbes Park on one end and an extension into the CCP Complex at the other end. You will often take this road to get to the HotSpots Salcedo Village, Jupiter/Burgos/Kalayaan, HotDot International & Alternative Makati, and HotSpot Roxas Boulevard.

Within Makati, Gil Puyat is a typical business district street, with wide sidewalks, office towers, public service offices, several colleges, and many bank branches and fast food restaurants. Landmarks here are RCBC Plaza and The Columns. In contrast, the western stretch of the road, between SLEx and Roxas Boulevard, is rather characterized by small independent retail and repair shops, food stalls, cramped or non-existant sidewalks, and the bustling, chaotic street life that is typical for Metro Manila.

Traffic Situation

Much of Gil Puyat is congested during rush hour, as it is one of the access roads to Makati's Central Business Districts. Heavy traffic is common during the rest of the day as well, in particular around the notorious intersection with Taft Avenue, where not only an LRT train station is located but also the terminals of several provincial bus companies. Even on the weekends, traveling Buendia can take a while, as people take the road to flock to Makati's HotSpots and shopping malls or to the entertainment complexes at Manila Bay.

Tricycles are forbidden on the avenue, but the street is always full of jeepneys and buses. The buses, however, drive only from Roxas Boulevard along Gil Puyat and then enter Ayala Avenue. They are not allowed between Ayala Avenue and EDSA, with one exception: the eco-friendly Green Frog Hybrid Bus.

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